Visual Effects

Nocturnal Operations' visual effects experts can coordinate productions with the best in visual effects know-how. From flames to flying cars, we push the limits of visual effects and give out clients the freedom to do so. We simplify the complex by mastering top skills on technologies, developing tools, and by knowing when to apply traditional approaches.

Green Screen

Nocturnal is able to create full CG sets starting with a simple green screen shoot.

Digital Sets

We are able to extend environments or build them from scratch. This example shows the interior of the Staples Center.


We pride ourselves on creating composites that are seamless to make sure the focus stays on the story where it belongs.

VFX Breakdowns

Before After
Before After
Before After
Before After

VFX REEL (2019)

Watch the compilation of some of our most popular projects in our VFX reel for 2019!

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