MTV: Missy Elliott is a Literal Work of Art in her Eye-Popping 'Cool Off' Video

Leave it to Missy Elliott to get your ass up during quarantine for a neon-tinged, twerk-friendly dance party.

After returning with the fittingly titled Iconology last year — which marked her first new project in over a decade — Missy is reintroducing fans to one of that EP's most fun tracks, "Cool Off," with another must-see visual. In it, she springs to life as various pieces of art in a museum-turned-nightclub. She kicks things off as a statue dipped in bronze (metallic face paint included), before cycling through more predictably eye-catching outfits, including, of course, a bright neon tracksuit. At one point, she bobs and tilts like a Weeble doll while shouting for her dancers to go "'round like a ceiling fan" — a move that will hopefully inspire a fresh TikTok trend or two.

(VFX created by Nocturnal FX)