Nuke Compositor

Nocturnal Operations is looking for a mid-senior Nuke Compositor for commercials, music videos, television, and film.


- Produce high-level photorealistic images and create seamless transitions between filmed footage and composited 2D and 3D elements

- Work closely with the VFX Supervisor and with Production to find creative and technical solutions, to identify resources needed and to meet deadlines


- 3years of experience in visual effects

- Excellent knowledge of Nuke

- Excellent knowledge of extraction techniques of bluescreen and greenscreen

- Experience in live action and CG visual effects compositing

- Excellent knowledge of photography, including color, light reflection, refraction, and shadows, perspective and composition


- Able to multi-task, set priorities and find solutions

- Excellent organizational and communication skills

We are open to working with compositors remotely.

Please apply if this is right for you! This can be you!